Hip-pocket help on the way for flood disaster victims

Published 09 March 2022

Rates Relief tile.png

Relief for ratepayers and community organisations devastated by the flood disaster, with Council set to deliver a financial support package to ease the burden.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the past two weeks had been some of the toughest in recent memory, and real, practical action was needed.

“Some people have lost everything. Our community needs help, they need money, and they need it now,” Mayor Flannery said.

“That’s why we’re offering a $250 one-off rates rebate for residential owner-occupied properties, that have suffered significant damage from this disaster.

“Applications for the rebate will open on 21 March, and the rebate will be included on the 1 April to 30 June 2022 rates notice to be issued in early April.

“The same rebate is also available for owner-operated small businesses, and we’ve also extended the eligibility of Council’s financial hardship policy for them.

“If we know about a damage assessment, we’ll go out to those residents, and advise they’re eligible for the rebate, so they won’t have to apply.

“Other residential property owners impacted by the floods can also apply to make use of Council’s financial hardship policy and enter an interest free repayment plan to pay off their rates.

“All ratepayers will also have an extra 30 days to pay their rates for the quarter ending 30 June, 2022.”

Council’s Community Grants policy has also been amended to establish a new February 2022 Weather and Flood Event recovery grant.

“We understand that this disaster has also brought many of our wonderful community and sporting organisations to their knees, destroying property and equipment and inundating playing fields,” Mayor Flannery said.

“The Moreton Bay Recovery Fund grants will support the recovery of those organisations and help develop and carry out initiatives to support the broader Moreton Bay community on the journey back from this devastating event.

“Having visited the worst hit areas with Deputy Mayor Shipway, I know first-hand nobody needs a grandstanding politician right now.

“This disaster is unprecedented, and more than 2500 properties across the region have been impacted.

“Watching the Moreton Army rally over the past few days to help with the mammoth clean up, seeing the resilience and determination of those who are suffering, we want to do all we can to help lighten the load.

“Our city is a network of communities which has unified in the face of this disaster and taken significant steps on what’s going to be a long road to recovery.

“I couldn’t be prouder of this region right now, and we hope this package will help take the pressure off the hip-pocket as we continue to rebuild our region for the future.”