Free Green Waste Disposal!

Published 14 December 2022

Free green waste

Council has delivered the Christmas Wish gardeners were crossing their green thumbs for - free dumping for green waste!

Mayor Peter Flannery today announced the current cap on total waste disposals (3 tonnes or 26 visits) would be changed to exclude green waste, saying Council wanted to first educate residents on sustainable waste practices.

It means there will be no limit on the free dumping of green waste at Council facilities effective immediately from today.

“So if you’ve been avoiding mowing the lawn or trimming some overgrown trees, there are no excuses now,” Mayor Flannery said.

“We have received a number of complaints and concerns from a small number of residents who were impacted by the introduction of this cap, and this temporary relaxation is in direct response to their feedback.

“But I want to be clear that the temporary relaxation of this rule only applies to green waste, not any other type of waste disposal.

“The limits will remain in place for all other types of waste because as responsible citizens we all need to start thinking more sustainably about our waste.

“Council already offers free waste disposal of domestic general waste, green waste, clean concrete and clean soil - the only change was to implement a total waste limit per household of either 3 tonnes or 26 visits to the tip each year.

“As at the start of this month only 720 properties have hit that limit, which is 0.4% of households in our region, and there are another 177 properties that have reached the half-way mark to their limit.

“We do have a waste management problem in terms of the sustainability of southeast Queensland, which is why we’re committed to building our own Food Organics and Green Organics (FOGO) Facility here in Moreton Bay.

“Household waste generation, including kerbside wheelie bin collections, currently sits at 600kg per person per year. Think about that!

“We all need to start making little changes that will have a positive impact on the bigger picture, which is critical to our goal of ‘going green as we grow’ in the face of a booming population.

“We are working really hard to encourage our community to divert as much waste as we can away from landfill, through our Rethink Waste program.

“Choosing to reduce, reuse and recycle, avoiding disposing unwanted materials in general waste bins, and thinking beyond the recycling bin, is just the start.

“Council is committed to our 10-year Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan, managing waste in an innovative and cost-effective way.

“By cutting down on waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and pulling back on the amount of rubbish going into landfill, we are working towards a more sustainable future for Moreton Bay.”

The changes are applicable to eligible residents and ratepayers. Annual limits applicable to community groups, sporting organisations and charity organisations are maintained. Exceptions continue to apply to residents without access to kerbside collection.