Moreton Bay business leaders cement international reputation

Published 30 May 2023

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Building on the resounding success of the 2022 New Zealand trade mission which yielded over $1million in sales for local businesses, Moreton Bay business leaders are heading back on a second trade mission with a specific focus on sustainable manufacturing. 
Joining Mayor Peter Flannery on this mission are industry-leading companies such as Solar Bollard Lighting, Kennedy's Timbers, TRI Underground Australia, and Ausbuild.  
Solar Bollard Lighting’s managing director Mike Arieni said his company boosted export sales off the back of our last visit.

“In fact we exceeded 50% revenue growth, it was a tremendous outcome,” Mr Arieni said.

“This trade mission presents an exciting opportunity to further strengthen these bonds, unleash new opportunities, and continue driving the growth of our business and showcase the region’s calibre in sustainable manufacturing.”
The itinerary includes meetings with 40 prominent business leaders, attendance at a sustainability showcase event, insightful site visits, and engagements with leading New Zealand architects, designers, and construction companies.  
Mayor Peter Flannery said the meetings aim to spotlight the exceptional products and opportunities offered by Moreton Bay. 
"Our vision is to foster a more prosperous and vibrant Moreton Bay, cultivating a robust economy and generating new employment opportunities within our region,” Mayor Flannery said.

“This mission places significant emphasis on sustainability, aligning closely with Council's initiatives and our commitment to ‘Going Green As We Grow’. 
"While we explore new business leads, our efforts across the Tasman Sea will also be dedicated to attracting international investment back into Moreton Bay.

“We are committed to fortifying our strategic relationships with key decision-makers in New Zealand, opening doors to unprecedented possibilities.”

Council conducted an expression of interest process in March hoping to identify up to 10 qualified and complementary local businesses interested in participating in this trade mission.

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