New approach to create a modern and future focused Council

Published 15 May 2024

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On the back of a new term, and one year into Scott Waters leadership as CEO, Council today approved a new organisational structure at the executive level that will better support City of Moreton Bay's significant challenge of population growth.

The more contemporary approach will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Council operations, with a focus on four key areas of Office of the CEO, City Administration, City Operations and City Futures. 

The Office of the CEO will continue to provide leadership and strategy and retain the key functions of external relations which includes advocacy to the state and federal governments, economic development and legal services.

City Administration will manage functions including finance and corporate services, asset management and capital planning, procurement and the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO).

City Operations will deliver the core local government services expected by residents including asset maintenance, waste services, libraries, sport and recreation facilities, environmental services, customer service, disaster management and capital project delivery.

City Futures will lead infrastructure and land use planning as well as be charged with digitally transforming the city.

CEO Scott Waters said changes to the organisational structure will enhance Council's capacity to deliver sustainable, high quality local government services that are responsive to the significant growth challenges facing City of Moreton Bay.

“The State Government, through their Shaping SEQ - South East Queensland Regional Plan 2023, has designated City of Moreton Bay as a significant growth corridor for South East Queensland,” Mr Waters said.

“To deliver this - whether it be bolstering frontline workers to meet increased demand and providing more bins and waste services, to the planning of new roads, parks, and sporting facilities, right down to working with the State on future schools and healthcare - we need a more tailored approach to our Council workforce. 

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for City of Moreton Bay - we have the opportunity, the skills and focus for a truly positive and thriving future, while leveraging all that is great about us now, and this updated structure will see a more dedicated focus on our key goals for the city.

“Importantly, this is also part of Council’s commitment to ongoing good governance and continuous improvement practices.”

City of Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery said this term was crucial for the city’s future planning.

“Now is the time to lay sustainable foundations for expected growth,” Mayor Flannery said.

“It’s not enough to just deliver on the basics of roads, rates, and rubbish anymore and we need to get ahead of the game.

“We have an enormous task ahead of us and this means a more strategic approach to how we work and deliver for our communities.

“With projections of 300,000 new residents expected over the next 20 years, we need to change our operational approach so we can better deliver on the challenges and opportunities this brings.”

The new structure will be embedded by 1 July 2024, with an increased focus on higher performance and greater transparency in service delivery to the community, alongside improved efficiency and effectiveness of Council operations. This new approach signals the successful implementation of all recommendations from the Grassroots Review.

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