Waste collection services

Waste collection vehicle access and manoeuvrability

The following requirements apply for kerbside wheelie bin collection:

  • There must be sufficient space for servicing of all bins without impacting pedestrian movement along the footpath or driver sightlines at vehicle crossover points onto a property.
  • The service point must be free of obstructions so the driver of the collection vehicle does not have to alight from the vehicle.
  • There is a minimum space of 1 metre between bins.
  • The service point is not located within or adjacent to intersections, roundabouts, traffic calming devices and bus stops.
  • The service point is not on a driveway or in front of any other property.

Where waste collection vehicles are required to enter a property to service the bins please contact Council to discuss access, indemnity requirements and servicing arrangements.

If you live on a no-through road, cul-de-sac or in a new staged subdivision or multi-residential property turnaround facilities are to be provided for the safe manoeuvring of waste collection vehicles. If reversing is required, vehicles are expected not to reverse more than 10 metres where possible for safety reasons. Residents are requested not to park within or near designated turnaround facilities to ensure clear access.