Bin collections

Find out about Council's waste and recycling services, how to order bins for your property, replace a stolen bin, and have damaged bins repaired or replaced. 

Learn about things you can put in your bins and how to order a larger waste bin or additional waste or recycling bin.

For bin collection:

  • ensure the bin is ready for collection by 6:00 AM on your service day
  • place the bin on the footpath next to the kerb, handles towards the house and about 1 metre away from another bin
  • ensure it is clear of any obstacles including power poles, trees and parked vehicles
  • ensure the bins are not contaminated 
  • do not overload the bin (maximum weight is 40 kilograms)
  • close the bin lid to deter birds and animals scattering contents on the footpath
  • return bins to within your property after collection.