Moreton Bay Region's First Advocacy Plan Sets Olympic Ambitions

Published 10 January 2022

MBRC Advocacy Plan - Leaders Forum.jpg

Moreton Bay is starting 2022 strong with a new blueprint that articulates a way out of the pandemic towards future economic recovery and prosperity.

The region’s first Advocacy Plan outlines the key strategic projects that will need government funding before 2024, including an integrated solution for the Gateway Motorway and Bruce Highway Upgrade, the delivery of a second bridge over the Pine River, north-facing on-ramps at Dohles Rocks Road and projects such as the Moreton Connector and West Moreton Arterial.

Mayor Peter Flannery said it was essential to be ambitious if Moreton Bay is to realise its full potential, and step out of the shadow of neighbouring Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

“The fact is we are the third largest Council in the country and already bigger than most Australian cities, but we’re missing out on critical government funding,” he said.

“With a federal election soon to be called, our new Advocacy Plan is a gamechanger that gives us a strategic focus around important issues like increasing housing choices to improve affordability, investigating transport connectivity options to relieve congestion, and new environmental initiatives to address climate change and invest in community wellbeing.

“These are probably the three biggest challenges for Council to address, so we’ll soon be asking for the community’s input on how we balance Environmental Sustainability with Planning and Growth, while also delivering the Integrated Transport options we critically need.

“The Advocacy Plan is a blueprint for collaboration, and I look forward to working with our region’s partners and decision-makers to deliver region-building projects.

“Since becoming Mayor, I have focused on building relationships with our state and federal government counterparts and brought every elected representative in our region together for the first time ever at the inaugural Moreton Bay Leaders’ Forum - where everyone put party politics aside to address the big issues head on.

“Through these partnerships we secured $60 million in state and federal government funding to fast-track the delivery of 146 local projects and create 1,600 local jobs.

“This investment includes the upgrade of Youngs Crossing Road, with the Federal Government committing $32.75 million towards constructing a new route to deliver flood immunity, with construction to commence in coming months. The La Nina weather and recent flooding have been a timely reminder of how critically important this overdue project was.

“I’m excited we will have a brand new purpose-built venue here to help host the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games - but we’re already looking at the years ahead to see how it can have an enduring legacy hosting multiple indoor sports, exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, community groups and many more for decades to come.

“That’s why we’re starting 2022 in fighting form, so we can secure commitments from all levels of government to support our long-term goals of a bigger, bolder and brighter region by 2041.”

The Advocacy Plan’s agenda outlines major investment into The Mill at Moreton Bay, Petrie, which will deliver a world class innovation precinct with 8,600 new jobs, a $813 million contribution to the regional economy and 10,000 places for university students.

Other key priorities of the 2021-24 Advocacy Plan focus on creating opportunities and strengthening communities including:

  • unlocking local tourism potential through increased investment and the creation of a visitor hub in Scarborough with barge access to Moreton Island
  • increasing transport connectivity to ensure we keep pace with population growth
  • providing greater support for the region’s growth areas such as reducing the cost of living and increasing housing choices.

To read the Advocacy Plan, and a 2021 Advocacy Highlights report, visit:|f7c9e6fb-26c9-4409-be66-99b33ae0de11|19bec33f-39a4-472a-9e34-c082ad231af2|en-AU