Roadside memorials

Council acknowledges the distress caused when a loved one is lost through a road accident.

Council can support family and friends by helping to facilitate roadside memorials to help comfort and heal, but in the interests of safety, all roadside memorials must comply with a number of guidelines(PDF, 136KB).

Council request members of the community who are wanting to erect a roadside memorial to complete a Temporary roadside memorial registration form(PDF, 223KB) prior to installing any roadside memorial. This will enable council officers to contact affected family or friends who have placed the memorial within the road reserve under the care and control of council.

Council is not responsible for the maintenance of existing roadside memorials and does not accept liability for losses arising from removal of roadside memorials during road maintenance or construction activities.

Memorials must be placed in a safe location. Council will inspect existing roadside memorials if residents, road users etc. are expressing concern about a memorial. A decision may be made to remove, adjust or relocate a memorial.

If a memorial is non-compliant, council officers will leave a notice at the site with instructions. If the memorial remains non-compliant after the notice period, it will be removed.

If you have any concerns regarding a roadside memorial, please don’t hesitate to contact Council.