Green means 'GO' with new contract awarded

Published 22 November 2023

A woman in gardening gloves holds a green waste bin open

City of Moreton Bay has awarded an estimated $63.5 million organics collection service contract to Cleanaway, which is scheduled to commence in December 2024.

City of Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery said the new service signals a significant step towards environmental sustainability and proactive waste management within the city.

"Food scraps and garden clippings are nearly half of all waste in our domestic general waste bins. The initiative aligns with our commitment to sustainability and going green as we grow.

"The introduction of garden organics bins in stage 1 of the service and transition of these to accept food and garden organics in stage 2 of the service is expected to bolster the city's recycling and environmental sustainability efforts.

"Our organics collection service is set to unfold in two distinct stages, encompassing an extensive communication and education campaign.

"Stage 1 will see the implementation of a garden organics (GO) service, with a new 240L lime green lidded bin and a collection service anticipated to start December 2024.

"Stage 2 will transition the GO service to a Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) service. This will be contingent upon securing access to food and garden organics processing,” Mayor Flannery explained.

Cleanaway's scope of services under this contract involves the supply and maintenance of bins as well as the collection of organic material.

Council anticipates $7.5 million in funding from the Queensland Government's 'Growing the Recovery of Organic Waste via Food Organic Garden Organic (GROW FOGO)' program to support the initial organics bin roll-out.

Specific eligibility criteria for the kerbside organics service will apply, with the GO and FOGO collection services offering varying bin sizes and collection frequencies.

The project's implementation will integrate valuable learnings from other council areas and states. By processing food organics and garden organics (FOGO) waste, the service aims to generate valuable resources, curtail landfill waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This initiative will complement our existing waste collection services and support City of Moreton Bay’s Environment and Sustainability Strategy, including the ambitious target of achieving net zero emissions by 2039.FOGO also aligns with City of Moreton Bay's regional waste management plans, Queensland's Organics Strategy 2022-2032 and Council's commitment to the SEQ Waste Management Plan.

For the latest City of Moreton Bay FOGO updates and information, visit our FOGO webpage.