Multicultural services

The Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest growing and culturally diverse regions in Australia. With an increasing multicultural community, it is important that people from culturally diverse backgrounds and their communities are supported to build stronger and better-connected communities.

In the Moreton Bay Region there are 157 different languages spoken with one in four people born overseas from 184 countries. 

Cultural diversity 

One in four people (26%) in the Moreton Bay Region are born overseas from 184 countries. The most common countries of birth are:

  • New Zealand - 5%
  • England - 4.9%
  • South Africa - 1.1%
  • Philippines - 0.8%
  • Scotland - 0.6%

More than a third of people (36.2%) in the Moreton Bay Region stated either both or one of their parents was born overseas. 

Language diversity 

9.2% of people living in the Moreton Bay Region speak another language other than English at home. There are 157 different languages spoken in the region including:

  • Samoan - 0.5%
  • Mandarin - 0.5%
  • Afrikaans - 0.4%
  • Tagalog - 0.4%
  • Hindi - 0.3%

Source: 2016 Census Quickstats - Australian Bureau of Statistics.

View the Community and economic profiles for the Moreton Bay Region. These are available in Chinese (simplified).

Council is providing a series of cross cultural training workshops for the community. To register your interest in any future training email

Harmony Day is held every year throughout Australia on 21 March to recognise and celebrate the cultural diversity of everyone who calls Australia home.

To celebrate our culturally diverse region, visit Harmony Day to find out what is happening in our region and how you can get involved.

The Moreton Bay Multicultural Action Network (MBMAN) is a network of community organisations, service providers, government and non-government agencies working to support communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in the Moreton Bay Region.

Refer to Community network meetings for further information.

Do you want to speak better English? Council's libraries host free conversational English groups.

Browse the collection of books and DVD's available in other languages at our libraries.

See language eResources for online language resources to learn a new language or improve your English language skills.