Courts asked to throw the book at dangerous dog owners

Published 27 May 2021

Dangerous dog.jpg

Four dangerous dog owners are headed for the courts, after Council investigations concluded their negligence was so serious it warranted prosecution.

Mayor Peter Flannery said 99% of local pet owners do the right thing, but the 1% who flout the law create a lifetime of trauma for dog attack victims.

“We are pursuing legal action against these people because their negligence has created a danger in our communities, and we will not accept any threat to public safety,” Mayor Flannery said.

“The details of these four attacks differ slightly, but in all instances the attacks on people and animals would not have happened if the dog owners were in control of their pets.

“In one instance a dog escaped its yard in Kallangur and attacked a person walking their dog, then pursued them back to a house as they fled where the dog tried getting through the door to continue its attack.

“In another incident two wandering dogs set upon a Labrador in Beachmere which was defenceless in its own yard and had to be put down as a result of its injuries.

“There was a separate attack on a person in Caboolture where the owner of that dog actually went to great lengths to try hiding the animal from Council’s investigating officers, and the offending animal went on to attack again before being impounded and put down.

“The fourth attack saw two dogs escape their poorly fenced yard in Kallangur to attack a dog being walked nearby, causing serious injuries.

“In all matters Council will be pursuing penalties against the dog owners, with the maximum fine being up to $13,000.

“It’s a sad an unfortunate fact of life that for a minority of people, prosecution is the only means of enforcement.

“In circumstances where the owners of aggressive dogs prove that they can properly house their animals and ensure community safety, Council will declare the dogs as dangerous or menacing and Council officers will routinely monitor the keeping of these dogs.

“If the owners fail or are unable to ensure community safety, the dangerous dog will be euthanised to remove the risk of harm to the community.

“Moreton Bay Regional Council is proud of the enormous network of dog off-leash areas and dog friendly beaches which are maintained for dog owners to enjoy with their pets.

“So I want to thank all pet owners in our region who are doing the right thing, because this is the vast majority of people.”