Our people

One team, many roles. 

Our 2,000+ team members work across more than 80 different roles including community-facing teams, specialists, outdoor workers and corporate roles. Meet some of our team members.

Kel Talty, Ranger

"On my days off you'll find me living my best life in our region - whether it's 4x4 driving into the mountains, walking along the Redcliffe peninsula with my dog, or enjoying a coffee with my wife and granddaughters."

Kel Talty.png
Sean Jacobs.png

Sean Jacobs, Principal Advocacy and Major Projects Advisor

"My role gives me the chance to work across major projects like the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It's exciting to be able to contribute and help unlock opportunities that will leave a legacy across the Moreton Bay region."

Julie Astill, Onboarding and Development Lead

"Our team receives more than 1,000 calls from our community every day. That's 1,000 opportunities to help people - and I get a lot of satisfaction out of that. The variety makes every day interesting and gives me an opportunity to learn and develop."

Julie Astil.png
Kaveri Shrestha.png

Kaveri Shrestha, Environmental Officer

"It's been great working in a more operational role - so different to what I've done in the past. It's hands-on and every day is different. There is so much on-the-job learning, and I've built practical skills and problem-solving techniques that I can use at home too."

Chris Barnes, Manager Emergency Management and Public Safety

"One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is seeing the positive impacts my team has on our communities in their time of need. We provide vital information that helps people get through uncertain, risky and challenging natural disasters."

Chris Barnes 2.png
Amanda Creevey.png

Amanda Creevey, Director Infrastructure Planning

"I spent the first part of my career travelling Australia with the Army, before finding myself home sick and coming to Moreton Bay. There's no better place to work for my family, to live and play in - and it's great to now be able to make a difference here in my role."

James Nicholson, Library Programs and Engagement Lead

"Many people are looking to Council as the benchmark now... there is so much energy, innovation, and momentum in our libraries. It's exciting to be a part of that and the development opportunities it brings."

James Nicholson.png
Amy Grey.png

Amy Grey, Coordinator Urban Design and Place Making

"Every project is different, and makes a difference. We get to make a positive impact on the region and contribute to well-planned and designed built form that is inspired by local place character."