Div 10: Staying green as we grow

Published 17 June 2022

Councillor speech video play

The Hills District is unmatched in terms of its affordability, leafy green streets, and proximity to Brisbane - and Councillor Matt Constance wants to keep it that way.

But he believes greater investment in The Hills business precincts and improving the efficiency of local roads, will greatly enhance local lifestyle as our regional population grows.

“This year’s budget is about balancing the needs of people with the needs of the environment,” he said.

“We know from your feedback in the Moreton Says survey that you want Council getting the balance between development and the environment right, which is becoming a key challenge with so many interstate people wanting to move here after last year’s lockdowns.

“Council is embarking on a major program to protect koala habitats and our natural surrounds, with plans for new fauna crossings in our area in the coming years, including koala underpasses to reduce the risk of wildlife from entering the road corridors.

“We will also invest in driver awareness signage and environmental line marking to reduce driver distraction and, ultimately, wildlife-vehicle collisions.

“The Yarral-yarral Reserve and the Bunyaville Conservation Park are two of our most important conservation reserves so we will be investing heavily in fauna crossings along Bunya Road, The Jinker Track, and Samford Road in Ferny Hills to make sure wildlife can move freely between habitat areas in search of food.

“Naturally keeping our wildlife safe is only one part of the picture, we need to make sure that our residents and road users are safe too, especially after non-stop rain wreaked havoc on our roads.  

“We will invest $1.17 million on road resurfacing around The Hills to fix potholes and improve local roads.

“The Plucks and South Pine roads intersection upgrade at Arana Hills will undergo a $2.6 million transformation. This is a notorious stretch of downhill road, particularly when wet, so our designs aim to improve the flow of traffic and safety with new lights, anti-skid surfacing, and drainage.

“You also told us via ‘Moreton Says’ that Council should invest more in sport, which is why James Drysdale Reserve’s soccer fields are getting a $2 million overhaul for a regulation sized pitch, a new community space and building fit-out with assistance from the federal government.

“If you’ve not been to James Drysdale Reserve recently you really should, its evolved as an incredible community hub thanks to year-on-year investments like this and I’m really proud of how many different user groups now call this amazing precinct home.

“After starting concept designs based on your suggestions for the redevelopment of the old Club Arana building at 303 Dawson Parade, we are now progressing this to the planning stage.

“This is a real passion project for me to create an entirely new community space in the heart of The Hills District, to bring more life and vibrancy to our CBD.

“Council skate parks across Moreton Bay are getting the gold medal treatment on our road to the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics here in South East Queensland, with $1.3 million earmarked for the Albany Creek Skate Park thanks to assistance from the federal government.

“And who knows where the next Ash Barty will come from? I am hoping she’s out there in the Hills District! Council has allocated $800,000 funding for two tennis courts at Wahminda Park in Ferny Hills - that should give any budding tennis champs a chance for game, set, and match. This is with financial support from the federal government”

Budget 2022-23 delivers a record $259 million capital works program to provide the infrastructure and investments locals have told us they want to see in their communities, via feedback in the Moreton Says survey. This Council wants to ensure our priorities align with our community’s values.

Budget Highlights for Division 10

  • $2.58 million to upgrade the intersection of South Pine Road & Plucks Road in Arana Hills
  • $2 million to expand the soccer facilities at James Drysdale Reserve in Bunya, with federal government support
  • $1.33 for a revamp of Albany Creek’s skate park on Old Northern Road, with federal government support
  • $1.24 to upgrade the intersection in Arana Hills where Plucks Road, Caesar Road and Hutton Road meet
  • $1.1 million for new pathways to connect Plucks Road to Minto Crescent in Arana Hills
  • $800,000 to renew the tennis courts in Wahminda Park in Ferny Hills, with federal government support
  • $350,000 to fix the staircase and pathways in Nulty Way Park in Arana Hills, with state government support
  • $334,000 for fauna Crossing Infrastructure Installations along Bunya Road, Bunya
  • $300,000 for drainage upgrades along Grevillea Street, Everton Hills
  • $250,000 to upgrade the intersection of Gordon Road and Ferny Way, Ferny Hills

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