Nominate a local hero for a 2023 Australia Day Award

Published 01 September 2022

Local Hero_1.jpg

It’s time to recognise the local heroes contributing to the Moreton Bay community by nominating them for Council’s annual Australia Day Awards.

Mayor Peter Flannery said nominations are open between September 1 - October 28, so don’t forget to nominate those individuals who are doing great things within our community.

“We all know someone who goes above and beyond for their community whether it’s volunteering at the local sports club, organising events, raising money for charity or just supporting others by being there when they need it most,” he said.

“These people are the backbone of Moreton Bay and each year it’s one of my greatest honours to shine a light on the selfless individuals who are making a hugely positive impact on the community.

“This year we saw thousands of volunteers come out to support those who had lost everything during the devastating February-March floods.

“The Moreton Bay community spirit and resilience was on display like we’ve never seen it before, especially after the difficult two years we’ve just had through COVID-19.

“These are the qualities that make Moreton Bay a great place to live, so if you know someone who has achieved great things this year and previous years, then please make sure you give them a nomination.

“The Citizen of the Year Award and the Mayor’s Community Spirit Award, will be announced at a ceremony in the weeks leading up to Australia Day 2023.

“All you need to do is visit Council’s website and fill out a short nomination form to ensure that your local hero is recognised for the work they do.”

For more information and nomination forms, please visit Council’s website.