Food business

Operators of licensable food businesses require a licence under the Food Act 2006. Businesses that may require a licence include restaurants, cafes, home kitchens, bakeries, takeaway food shops, temporary food stalls and mobile food vendors.

For further information such as whether you need a licence, what is required to set up a food business and how to make an application, visit LG Toolbox website.

Food safety training

All food businesses have obligations under the Food Act 2006 with regard to their premises and food handling practices. Council is assisting food businesses by providing access to food safety training for employees. This training is not suitable for a food safety supervisor who must complete the relevant competencies with a registered training organisation - refer to LG Toolbox website for more information about food safety supervisors.

The training is easy to follow and includes an entertaining presentation as well as interactive quizzes. A training acknowledgement form can be obtained upon completion and kept as part of your staff records. 

Food handlers, other than food safety supervisors, can access the online training below. 

Access Food safety training