Safer, healthier school commutes thanks to launch of new Initiative

Published 11 June 2024

Active School Travel Students walking to school

School commutes are safer and more accessible for children in Moreton Bay with the successful launch of the Active School Travel program at Mango Hill State School. 

City of Moreton Bay encourages children to be healthier by walking to school along safer and upgraded footpaths, crossings, bus stops, cycleways, and roads around schools. 

Mayor Peter Flannery said Mango Hill State School was the first school in the program with plans to roll out across the City in coming years.  

“As a parent, I understand just how difficult school drop-off and pickup times can be; the delays due to increased traffic congestion, and the concerns around our children's safety when travelling to and from school,” he said. 

“After much community feedback, Council has recently upgraded and delivered several infrastructure projects around Mango Hill, creating safe and active transport routes for students to travel to and from school.  

“With upgrades to connected footpaths, safer road crossings, bus stop locations and designated meeting points for walking, cycling, or scootering to school, we will see reduced road congestion around pickup and drop off points. 

“Walking, scootering, and cycling to school also has numerous health benefits for students and families, including improved overall concentration and independence, opportunities for socialising and a better sense of wellbeing. 

“This work ties into our Integrated Transport Strategy to deliver well-planned and connected places, sustainable transport systems, and walkable communities for short, local trips. 

“Through initiatives like this, schools can foster a healthier, safer, and more connected community. 

“I look forward to the growth of this initiative and more schools joining the program in years to come,” Mayor Flannery remarked. 

Families and community members can support the City of Moreton Bay Active School Travel program by: 

  • Utilising meeting points along active transport routes to ensure safety in numbers when walking, cycling, or scootering to and from school. 

  • Discussing active travel with your children, who are often the most enthusiastic advocates. 

  • Incorporating more active school travel into your routine, even making a small change once a week can significantly reduce school-related traffic. 

  • Completing travel surveys provided by the school and City of Moreton Bay to help monitor results and suggest improvements. 

For more information on the Active School Travel initiative, please visit: Accessible Schools Program - City of Moreton Bay