Morayfield Scores $100 million Election Win

Published 12 May 2022


Longman MP Terry Young has answered Council’s calls for local road funding, with a $100 million commitment today to make Morayfield’s Buchanan Road upgrade and rail overpass a reality.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the Buchanan Road project is critically important in a booming growth area, especially before the Caboolture West development comes online.

“We know 50% of locals rate congestion as their major local concern, and my concern as Mayor is that this can only get worse without significant federal funding,” he said.

“So I want to thank Terry Young for not only listening to calls from Council and our community, but for going down to Canberra and forcing those decision makers to listen to us too.

“This project will not only benefit the tens of thousands of residents and shoppers passing through, but also to lifestyles of people in surrounding areas who regularly find themselves in traffic gridlock.

“Terry’s announcement will help us get ahead of our road infrastructure needs before the population boom arrives.

“This is exactly what Council has been planning for, exactly what locals have been calling for, and exactly the amount of funding we’d requested - so to say I’m thrilled today is an understatement.”

The Buchanan Road corridor currently carries 19,500 vehicles a day but one prang creates immediate gridlock on the Bruce Highway and Morayfield Road.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Council has a plan that will enable it to carry 32,000 vehicles per day by 2036.

“Our proposal is a four-phase program to not only four-lane Buchanan Road but also connect it all the way from the Bruce Highway through to Morayfield Road, and construct a new bridge over the Caboolture Rail Line at Sheep Station Creek in Morayfield,” he said.

“This railway overpass is critical, as it means locals will no longer get stuck waiting for trains. Further, the project will significantly reduce flood impacts in an area that’s been closed for an average of almost three days every year between 2013 and 2021.

“These works are estimated to cost nearly $200 million, but it’s worth it to create a high quality road link to the Bruce Highway that will benefit current Morayfield and Caboolture residents as well as provide for the future community in Caboolture West.”

There are four separate sections that make up the project (Cost Estimates):

  • Kirkcaldy St to Morayfield Rd - $149 million
    Duplication of Buchanan Road and William Berry drive including the construction of a new bridge over the rail line and Sheepstation Creek
  • Graham Rd to Kirkcaldy St - $12 million
    Duplication of Buchannan Road from west of Graham Road to Kirkcaldy Street
  • Bruce Hwy to Graham Rd - $24 million
    Duplication of Buchanan Rd to Bruce Hwy interchange, including signalisation of Graham Rd intersection
  • Weier Road - $10 million
    Upgrade along Weier Road from Buchanan Road through to Market Drive, to accommodate growth at the Plantation Retirement Resort and Blue Care facility  

Mayor Peter Flannery said he hoped the final week of the election campaign would deliver more windfalls for Moreton Bay.

“Now is the time for the major political parties to make more significant commitments to this region, because it could be Moreton Bay that determines who wins government,” he said.

“Unlike other regions, Moreton Bay residents don’t vote according to party lines, which makes them the most important voters of all.

“We are a unique and complex region, and locals will give their vote to whoever has the best ideas to support our future and lifestyle in the face of massive population growth.

“As soon as the election was called I wrote to both major parties, so I’d like to remind them of the announcements we’re looking to see before May 21.”

Moreton Bay’s Federal Election Wish List:

  • $500 million nationally to continue the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program
  • Upgrade Bribie Island Road to four lanes and build a new Bridge to address bottlenecking. Turn the existing bridge into a green pedestrian bridge for cyclists, tourists, fishing and emergency vehicles.
  • $100 million funding guarantee in the City Deal for Caboolture West - this CANNOT be a loan
  • $100 million for the Buchanan Road Overpass in Morayfield
  • $50 million to connect our communities with active transport and recreation options, made up of:
  • $32 million to activate our rivers and riparian corridors for walking, cycling, and e-mobility
  • $10 million for an active transport connection between Griffin and Mango Hill
  • $8 million to upgrade and extend the Caboolture-to-Wamuran Rail Trail through to Woodford
  • $48 million to help secure an Advanced Manufacturing Centre at The Mill
  • $30 million to purchase ‘Bay Cats’ and establish a ferry network that will link coastal communities from Bribie Island to Redcliffe
  • $30 million to enhance our Olympic Venue into an events complex that will stand the test of time
  • $20 million for a wildlife hospital, so sick and injured animals can be treated locally
  • $20 million funding for short term crisis accommodation, for people experiencing homelessness and domestic violence
  • $7 million towards the restoration or rebuilding of the Suttons Beach Pavilion
  • $6 million for an Interpretive Centre at The Mill for lifelong education and learning about science and the environment