Doing business with Council

Public Notice

Council will be seeking a Council resolution to apply the Strategic Contracting Procedures to its contracts from 1 February 2024 as per Chapter 6, Part 2 Strategic Contracting Procedures of the Local Government Regulation 2012. The proposed resolution will be considered at Council's General meeting, scheduled to be held at 9:00 AM 14 June 2023 (previously 16 June 2023).

For more information refer to Strategic Contracting Procedures.

Council purchases a wide variety of goods, services and contracted works across a range of areas, working with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year. Improve your chances of doing business with Council by learning how we procure goods and services.

Find out more about the process that Council follows to ensure all activities achieve the best outcome for the community from Donna Gregory, Director of Finance and Corporate Services.