Spring's in the air for feathered socialites Hope and George

Published 28 July 2021

Close up of the 3 osprey chicks

Resident Ospreys, Hope and George last week welcomed three new chicks to their clutch.

Our feathered couple started nesting right on cue around 17 April with their first egg arriving on 7 June, followed by two more on the 10 and 13 June.

Three is a good size clutch in the osprey world, and is the average size so far for Hope and George.

Osprey eggs generally take around 30 to 40 days to incubate and we saw the first one hatching on 19 July, followed 21 July and the last one in the earlier hours of 23 July.

Hope and George are busy keeping the hungry squawking chicks fed with fresh fish who will over the next few weeks build their wing strength and be ready to leave the nest in October-November.

Keep up to date with the chicks progress at www.ospreyhouse.asn.au/ or visit Osprey House Environmental Centre to see a live stream of the osprey nest and watch them fishing and nesting.