The Great ‘Moreton Bay’ Clean up

Published 02 August 2022

Great Northern Clean Up

Moreton Bay’s beautiful green and public spaces will shine this August when the Great Northern Clean Up comes to town after the annual Clean Up Australia Day event was cancelled earlier this year due to disastrous February/March floods.

Mayor Peter Flannery urged residents to register their clean-up sites, August 26 for schools, early learning centres and businesses, and August 28 for the community.

“Many residents were devastated when they couldn’t put their gloves on and take part in the annual Clean Up Australia Day events this year after the devastating floods that swept through Moreton Bay,” he said.

“So Council has come up with an alternative solution that’s just as good and gives everyone the opportunity to care for their community and our beautiful environment with the Great Northern Clean Up instead.

“It’s less than a month away now so I urge you all to make sure you jump online as soon as possible to register your site and to allow enough time for the organisers to send you the clean-up kits.

“Moreton Bay has shown so much resilience this year in the face of a natural disaster and many people dealing with huge damage to their homes and the fact that residents still want to get out give back to the community is amazing.

“There’s no doubt that household waste habits have changed over the past two years with lockdowns promoting the use of single-use plastics, disposable face masks, takeaway coffee cups and food packaging.

“And unfortunately, that waste tends to find its way into parks, green spaces and public spaces, so these clean up events are hugely important to help lift those areas and remind us to dispose of our waste correctly.

“If you can’t register a site yourself then I urge you all to find a location and help out if you can.

“Council staff will support the Sunday community sites with a reimbursement on their barbecue food and (non-alcoholic) drinks for volunteers to enjoy afterward, as usual, and to fuel those great people who keep Moreton Bay looking beautiful!”

Register a site or join an existing group by visiting the Great Northern Clean Up website: