Our long-term strategies

Council has adopted six long-term strategies that provide direction for the transformation of the region over the next 10 to 20 years. 

Our strategies respond to current and emerging challenges and opportunities. They align with our five strategic pillars to help deliver our vision, goals and outcomes in the Corporate PlanThis ensures an integrated and balanced approach to planning. 

How we are achieving our strategies

Planning our actions

Each strategy is supported by an action plan that identifies priority actions to be delivered over the next three to five years. These plans may be reviewed during this time to include new actions as they are identified or amend actions to ensure we are meeting expectations.

Our strategies will also be supported by a suite of Council plans that provide further detail on priority actions required to implement specific themes over the medium to long term, such as our Open Space Plan, Biodiversity Plan and Transport Network Plan.

Monitoring our success

Council will report progress towards achieving each strategy through the Annual Report. 

Collaboration and partnerships

Collaboration is at the core of our strategies. 

Support from external parties will play an important role in delivering our strategies. These include our communities, suppliers, business partners, community organisations and other government agencies. 

Council will work to achieve our strategic priorities in areas we do not control where we seek to influence change or need more resources.

Council’s Advocacy Plan outlines our key advocacy projects.  

How we developed our strategies

An inclusive engagement program assisted in developing our suite of strategies. The program involved our communities, key stakeholders, elected members and team members.

A total of 5,108 survey responses contributed to the development of the strategies over several engagement phases along with feedback through community pop-ups (in shopping centres and other popular public locations), focus groups, an online summit, key stakeholder submissions and internal engagement activities. Visit Your Say Moreton Bay to learn more about the survey results.

Council will continue to engage with our communities to ensure these strategies stay relevant and continue to bring the voices of our communities into our planning and decision-making.

Reviewing our strategies

Council will make adjustments to these strategies as required, including a major review every five years to align with our Corporate Plan review process. This will ensure our strategies keep driving us towards our vision, responding to emerging challenges and opportunities and meeting community expectations.