Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2017-22

Council adopted the Corporate Plan 2022-2027(PDF, 5MB) on 17 June 2022. The plan will commence 1 July 2022 and be Council's leading strategic plan. It replaces the Our Tomorrow Community Plan 2021 and the Corporate Plan 2017-2022.

Our vision

The Corporate Plan sets a new aspirational vision for how we want the region to look and feel 20 years from now.

Our Moreton Bay. Amazing places. Natural spaces.

Developed through consultation with our communities our shared vision provides high level direction for Council's full suite of planning documents.

Our roadmap

Our Corporate Plan outlines a roadmap to advance our vision built around five strategic pillars:

Each pillar is supported by a goal and outcomes that set the strategic direction for where we want to be by 2033 the mid-way point to achieving our vision. Our Corporate Plan also identifies the key strategies and plans, key initiatives and service areas that will help deliver our goals and outcomes over the next five years and beyond.

Achieving our plan

Operational plan and budget

Council's annual Operational Plan and Budget guides priority setting together with the allocation of resources and corporate responsibilities to progress the implementation of the Corporate Plan each financial year.

Council's Operational Plan for 2023-2024 will commence 1 July 2023.

Council strategies

Our suite of strategies set the long-term strategic direction for Council and are aligned to the strategic pillars outlined in the Corporate Plan.

The strategies work together to inform successive corporate and operational plans and budgets. They also provide the foundation for advocacy to the state government and other agencies through the adoption of policy positions which are supported by our communities. 

Performance reports

Council prepares annual and quarterly performance reports to provide information to Council and our communities on our performance progress against the commitments in the Corporate and Operational Plans. 

The first quarterly report, covering July to September, for the Operational Plan will be published in October/November 2022.

Community contribution

Our communities play an important role in supporting the achievement of our vision and Corporate Plan. The plan highlights some of the ways our communities can contribute.

Follow our journey

An inclusive engagement program assisted in developing the Corporate Plan. The program involved our communities, elected members and team members.

More than 7000 people engaged with Council in person through workshops, pop-ups and events, social media and via Council's Your Say Moreton Bay platform. Three region-wide were surveys undertaken on the platform between April 2021 and May 2022 which included:

  • An initial anchor survey, undertaken as part of the Moreton Says engagement program. This survey asked our communities what they value about the region. As well as how they thought Council was performing.
  • A phase 1 consultation asking our communities to imagine our future by referencing a draft vision, pillars, goals and outcomes.
  • A phase 2 consultation requesting feedback on a draft Corporate Plan, adopted in April 2022.

Visit us at Your Say Moreton Bay to learn more about Council's journey to develop the Corporate Plan.

Council will continue to engage with our communities to ensure the plan stays relevant and continues to bring the voices of our communities into our planning and decision-making.

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