Plan. Prepare. Survive - as bushfire season heats up

Published 24 July 2023

Council fire crews manage a planned burn

Council is calling on residents to prepare for a potentially devastating bushfire season as the east coast of Australia enters three years of El Niño weather patterns and drier than normal conditions.  

Mayor Peter Flannery urged residents to act now by planning their household’s emergency and evacuation plan, removing high-risk fuel loads around properties and preparing emergency kits.  

“We all remember the bushfires that ravaged Australia’s east coast three years ago, even if you weren’t directly affected,” he said.  

“La Niña has left the South East Queensland corner with an abundance of fuel that is now drying out and is essentially turning into tinder for bushfires.  

“Council is busy as ever working with all land managers in our region and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to execute planned burns that will help protect homes and our natural environment.  

“But we can only get to so much, so it’s up to every resident in Moreton Bay to make sure they are ready, because it’s inevitable that we will see bushfires close to homes at some point.  

“Our message is simple - Plan. Prepare. Survive.  

“Planning means knowing what you will do in the event of a bushfire by creating an emergency and evacuation plan for your household - including your pets and any livestock.  

“Prepare by getting your property ready before bushfire strikes by clearing out your gutters and debris from the yard; and creating an emergency kit full of essential supplies that you’ll need when disaster strikes. Remember, if you own the fuel, you own the risk!  

“And survive by executing your plan and deciding early on whether to leave or stay to protect your property.  

“You can find information on the Disaster Dashboard, Council’s website and the State Government’s Get Ready website. There is an abundance of information to help residents.  

“Residents can also get real-time weather warnings to their phones by signing up to Council’s Moreton Alert system, so you can respond to changing conditions.  

“In the event of an emergency, Council’s Disaster Dashboard will have all the key information you’ll need to stay informed, from fire danger ratings and current bushfires to road conditions and power outages, evacuation centres and so much more.  

“It’s important that we all start planning and preparing for bushfire now because dry conditions are expected to continue for roughly three years, and while September-November is typically bushfire season in Moreton Bay, it can extend all the way to March depending on the conditions.  

“We’ll do everything we can to help protect the community and wildlife, so please make sure you do what you can to protect your families and your homes.”