Know your neighbour

Knowing our neighbours turns the place where we live into a home.  We can create our own strong communities by getting to know each other, one neighbour at a time.

Why is it important

Getting to know our neighbours helps us to build better relationships and support each other.  We can share resources, like borrowing a ladder or helping each other during severe weather events or other emergencies.  We can all welcome new neighbours, say g'day and look out for each other.

Know your neighbour short film

Neighbour Day

Each year Council provides resources to encourage residents to organise activities in their neighbourhoods, as part of our regional 'Know Your Neighbour' program.

  • download a free Say G'day(PDF, 236KB) or G'day neighbour(PDF, 57KB) ePostcard and pop it in the neighbours letterbox
  • invite your neighbours over for a cup of tea or coffee, out for a walk or planned activity, or have them join you in your own Neighbourhood Day event.

For more information on Neighbourhood Day including resources and tool kits visit the national website, contact Council or email