Know your neighbour

Knowing our neighbours turns the places where we live into a home. We can create inclusive and resilient communities by getting to know each other, one neighbour at a time. 

Why is it important?

By getting to know one another, we can build and maintain respectful relationships with our neighbours, changing our communities for the better.

There are many benefits to connecting with your neighbours: 

  • Well-connected neighbourhoods are better equipped to prepare for and recover from emergencies and natural disasters. 
  • Having diverse relationships improves everyone's relationship satisfaction, mental health and well-being. 

 How can I get to know my neighbour? 

  • Invite them over for morning tea or a barbeque. 
  • Share your resources like a ladder, plant cuttings or excess herbs from your garden. 
  • Organise a friendly sporting game, such as cricket or soccer, at the local park. 
  • Offer to put their bins on the kerb when they are away. 
  • When preparing for weather events, ask your neighbours if they need any help. 
  • Going to the tip? Ask if there is anything you can dispose of for them.

Neighbour Day 

Neighbour Day is celebrated annually on the last Sunday in March. It is a day to undertake small actions that create big feelings of belonging in our neighbourhoods. 

To help you connect with your neighbours, you can: 

Remember, you can be an active part of your neighbourhood, not just on Neighbour Day, but throughout the year.  

For more information and free Neighbour Day resources, visit the Neighbour Day websitecontact Council or email