Second Storm Cell About to Hit Moreton Bay

Published 03 March 2022


Dangerous thunderstorms will hit our region this afternoon and tomorrow.

Residents have been asked to get their kids out of school while it’s safe to do so and shelter at home.

Mayor Peter Flannery said, “I’m sorry but the recent rain reprieve will end this afternoon, with another potentially life-threatening storm cell heading our way.

“If your place was flooded in the last 3-4 days do not shelter at home, stay with family or friends tonight until we know how bad this will be.

“This is an urgent message for people in our hardest hit areas like Deception Bay, Woodford, Redcliffe, and Dayboro.

“Our libraries remain open as places of refuge, but if you need overnight accommodation go to the Watson Park Convention Centre in Dakabin which is still staffed to accommodate evacuees.

“I know you want to be back home cleaning up as quickly as possible, but it won’t be safe to do that until the storms clear.

“We’ve been visiting those communities, but the fact is our entire region is vulnerable right now with the ground already saturated.

“We expect to see creeks come up and cut roads, which is devastating.

“Our incredible work crews have been out in this horrific weather 24/7 for the last seven days, and we’re putting them back on call.

“They had just managed to reopen most roads, reconnect power to most homes, start garbage collection again and even built a new road to reconnect White Patch on Bribie Island.

“Your incredible efforts have not been in vain, they’ve put us on the front foot against this next storm cell.

“This is a set back in our recovery program, but we are much better placed than a lot of other regions right now thanks to your tireless efforts.

“What we urgently needs locals to do is stay safe, seek shelter, and DO NOT take any risks.

“We have already issued a MoretonAlert warning for potential floods and we’ll continue to monitor weather conditions closely.

“Stay alert to the warnings we’re putting out and subscribe to our free MoretonAlert service to receive weather warnings.”