Mango Hill Ring Road on track to improve traffic congestion and safety

Published 29 September 2023

Lamington Road Sod Turn

The highly anticipated extension of Lamington Road, a significant section of the Mango Hill Ring Road Connection, is due to begin this coming Tuesday, 3 October.

The works will see Stage One of the $6.8 million project include the extension of the road from the existing cul-de-sac section of Lamington Road through to Anzac Avenue.

City of Moreton Bay Mayor, Peter Flannery said the initial works would include the design and construction of 165 metres of new two lane median divided road, new pedestrian crossing facilities, pathways, on-road cycle lanes plus improved landscaping.

“This is a very exciting project for the areas of Mango Hill and North Lakes. 

“Once completed it will have a positive impact on the area and local traffic flow.

“The staged approach to this project is necessary due to the relocation of a large water main, to then be followed by the critical road connection through to Anzac Avenue.”

The overall project (all three stages), will ease local traffic congestion by allowing traffic flow between the Mango Hill Village, on the North Lakes side of Anzac Avenue and the two Mango Hill train stations, so residents can avoid travelling along Anzac Avenue.

Cr Jodie Shipway (Div 4) said the works heralded the long-awaited Mango Hill Ring Road becoming a reality.

“The new Mango Hill Ring Road Connection will assist traffic flow and improve safety, which is a commitment I have made to residents following their concerns about this area of road.

“The works will provide a second entrance to Mango Hill ‘village’ and will also extend the existing right-turn-lanes on Anzac Avenue, given the expected traffic volume increases this long-awaited second entrance will generate.”

Laurence Christie, President of the Mango Hill Progress Association, who has long advocated for the road upgrade, thanked Council for their investment in the area.

“This is a milestone for the area and we are pleased to see these much-needed changes happening to ensure our area continues to grow sustainably and traffic flow does not become an issue. 

The Mango Hill Ring Road Connection will link areas both sides of Anzac Ave and the two Mango Hill Train Stations and navigates along Memorial Drive, Halpine Drive, Mango Hill Boulevard, Capestone Boulevard and Lamington Road.

For more information: Major road upgrade - Mango Hill - City of Moreton Bay