Major road upgrade - Mango Hill

Consultation closed

Roads project

City of Moreton Bay is in the engineering design stage for two major road projects. Public consultation for both projects closed 20 December 2019.

Chelmsford Road extension

Based on current scheduling, the first project due for construction (in the 2021/22 financial year) is the Chelmsford Road extension, between Muriel Street and the existing roundabout at Kinsellas Road West.

The scope of works include a new connection to the roundabout and also include changing the priority at the Muriel Ave intersection and providing a road width that accommodates two-way traffic, one side for kerbside parking and on-road cyclists.

Lamington Road extension

The second project scheduled for construction (in 2022/23) is from the existing cul-de-sac section of Lamington Road to Anzac Avenue, Mango Hill. The project scope includes the design and construction of 165 metres of new two lane median divided road, completing the final section of the ‘Mango Hill Ring Road’.

Works will also include the connection to the existing signalised intersection of Anzac Ave and Capestone Boulevard including additional turn lanes on the Anzac Ave intersection approaches to improve intersection capacity (i.e. reduce delays).

The project will also offer opportunity to provide new pedestrian crossing facilities, pathways, on-road cycle lanes plus improve the landscaping.

Subject to funding and planning approvals, it is expected the new road will be completed in the 2022/23 financial year.


Chelmsford Road and Lamington Road, Mango Hill 4509  View map

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