Have your say on our next district level park and pump track

Published 20 April 2023

Playground at Tilney Park, Woodford

Woodford’s rise in popularity as a destination for young families to call home means it’s time for an upgrade to Tilney Park to keep the pace with growing population demands and we want your input.

Mayor Peter Flannery urged locals to have their say on new upgrades that will turn Tilney Park into a District Level Park with a new pump track for kids of all ages and skill levels to ride or skate.

“We already know how great a place Moreton Bay is to live but young families are discovering that for themselves now and that’s causing major growth in areas that haven’t seen huge growth in years like Woodford,” he said.

“Tilney Park has served the greater Woodford community admirably for years but it’s time it got a makeover to help cater for the growing population demands in the north west of our region.

“But we can’t do it without input from locals who know their community best, which is why we’re inviting residents to give us feedback on our plans to elevate it to a district level park.

“We’ve seen pump tracks be a raging success at both Samford and Kallangur for BMX riders, skateboarders, scooter riders and rollerbladers, and we think Tilney Park, Woodford would be a great location for our next facility.

Councillor Tony Latter (Div 12) said future stages of the plan’s would also expand the existing playground with new equipment as well as potentially including a new public amenities and other features.

“Locals have been telling me that Woodford needs new facilities and I’m proud that Council is delivering by planning a new district level park for locals to take their kids, go for a walk or just sit and enjoy the beautiful surrounds,” he said.

“A pump track here would provide a place for riders and skaters of all ages to have fun and exercise without having to travel into town, and it costs nothing to mum and dad.

“Tilney Park is the perfect location to accommodate for a district level park for the community to enjoy in the heart of town.

“The much-loved existing equipment will remain in place, and we will expand on that to allow more people to use the park more regularly.

“I encourage everyone to make sure they have their say on the plan by visiting Council’s Your Say Moreton Bay website where all of our community consultation projects are housed.”

The current skate park at Archer Street will remain in its place as it caters for a higher level of rider and provides a totally different experience.