Moreton Says: We've listened and we will act

Published 15 September 2021

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The results are in and the word is out - Moreton Bay Regional Council’s community engagement survey ‘Moreton Says’ was made public today, detailing the feedback of more than 4,100 respondents.

Mayor Peter Flannery said it was fitting that this was released at Council’s first community council meeting held in Samford where council is meeting and listening to the views of locals.

 “This is an important body of work, but it’s a document that will only have real meaning if we act on the expectations you’ve outlined for us,” he said.

“You have spoken, we have listened, and now it’s time for Council to act. Releasing these results today is the start of a new conversation with Council, not the conclusion of a report.”

“This is only the beginning of how we engage differently with the community.”

The three key themes that emerged as priorities for the Moreton Bay Region were:

  1. Real pride in the natural beauty of our region, and an overwhelming desire for it to be better protected.
  2. A love of the existing local lifestyle, with concerns about affordability and housing for future generations.
  3. Strong enthusiasm for more active recreation and lifestyle options in neighbourhoods and communities, in addition to major parks and destinations.

Mayor Flannery said he was proud of this Council’s achievements in its first year, but it was clear locals want the organisation to go further.

“Within our first 100 days of office in August 2020, we had actioned new initiatives like the environmental land buyback scheme, creating neighbourhood plans to protect the character of our communities and preventing unplanned development by developing a Regional Growth Management Strategy.

“These are a good start, and now we need to push forward with a more ambitious agenda if we are to meet your expectations around our environment and lifestyle.

“This will mean a much sharper focus on planning and good planning outcomes, to ensure we provide the necessary infrastructure including local parks and recreation space, and essential roads to service our communities.

“Clearly as part of this we will need to imagine what the parks and playgrounds of the future will look like, so you have world class recreation amenities close to home.

“We dared to push the boundaries by building a free public waterpark at The Mill in Petrie, and future generations will expect modern amenities in streets near to them.

“Much of our focus over the past year has rightly been on responding to COVID-19 including financial supports for business, rates relief for at-risk locals and massive stimulus spending on construction and community projects.

“But I think the time is right for us to now change gears and look to the longer-term, so that we can deliver on the environmental expectations and lifestyle values you’ve told us you want to see through Moreton Says.

“It is my driving passion to make decisions today that will guarantee Moreton Bay Region is the best place in SEQ to live, work, and play into the future.

“The population growth we’re experiencing, the opportunities associated with the Olympics, the untapped potential of The Mill PDA and the momentum behind our new Regional Economic Development Strategy almost guarantee us success on the other side of COVID.

“But I want to assure the community that in our decision-making we make we’ll have your feedback from the Moreton Says survey at heart.

“This was a significant community engagement exercise and I wanted to say a sincere thank you to the community for getting involved and to make sure we get this right.”

Moreton Says is a series of region wide surveys Council is undertaking over the next few years to better understand and keep track of the things that matter most to our communities.

The results of the Moreton Says anchor survey are now available at: