Council seeks planning powers to protect Morayfield South growth area

Published 15 September 2021

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Moreton Bay Regional Council has asked for State planning powers to protect the liveability of Morayfield South growth area, in the face of significant population growth pressures.

Mayor Peter Flannery conceded development in the growth area was occurring ahead of planning and that Council would need the powers of a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) to prevent ad hoc development and deliver community outcomes in the area.

“Morayfield South Emerging Community Area is actually the second largest forecast growth area in our region, the current population of around 3000 residents is expected to grow to a population of approximately 26,000 people and 9,800 dwellings in the next 20-25 years” he said.

“The population here is already booming, developers are already submitting applications to build, and without some strategic oversight and coordination in this area I genuinely worry that we will be creating a future problem.

“Before new developments get underway it’s absolutely critical that we know where new roads will go, identify what infrastructure is needed and ensure there are vital community amenities like parks, schools and community centres for future families to enjoy.

“The consequences of the decisions we make now will be lived by future generations and the overwhelming feedback from our Moreton Says survey was that locals want to see better and smarter planning.

“I am openly concerned about the risks of development occurring in the area without adequate planning controls to guide the need for different housing types, environmental corridors, local shops and the community connectivity needed to meet community expectations.

“This needs to be contemplated holistically for the entire Morayfield South growth area. We need a holistic and transparent plan for the area to guide positive development outcomes.

“That’s why this Council is taking action to protect the future prosperity and liveability of our region, and I’m hopeful the State Government will understand the strategic importance of this TLPI request.

“We are acutely aware that we need to get the planning right and none more so than in the Morayfield South area, before it’s too late.

“We need the right planning tools in place, even if temporary, to give us the structure needed for better decision-making around integrated land use and infrastructure planning, as well as greater transparency for everyone impacted by or interested in development in the area.”

Council’s request to the Queensland Government will be considered by the Planning Minister Deputy Premier Steven Miles.

A TLPI is an interim planning solution that can be urgently introduced to guide more desirable planning and development outcomes while Council completes integrated land use and infrastructure planning and consults with the community and stakeholders through a planning scheme amendment.

If approved, the proposed TLPI would provide a basis for assessing development applications until a planning scheme amendment for Morayfield South comes into effect. This will bring improved confidence, transparency and certainty to development, helping to deliver a high-quality, complete community while enabling the region to meet its housing needs and support economic growth.