MBRC Planning Scheme - Morayfield South emerging community area

Morayfield South and the planning scheme

Morayfield South is included in the ‘Emerging community zone - Transition precinct’ as this area has been identified as suitable for future growth. While identified for urban development in the future, the provision of infrastructure and the resolution of existing site values and constraints need to occur before this area can be fully developed.

Morayfield South zone map

Zone Map - view full size map(PDF, 893KB)

Strategic vision for Morayfield South

Council’s 20-year vision for Morayfield South, identified in the Strategic Framework, is for a mix of place types including next generation neighbourhoods and urban neighbourhoods. It is envisaged the area will continue to evolve in line with the long-term outcomes sought in the Strategic Framework. More information regarding place types is available within the strategic framework, section 3.14 MBRC Place Model.

Morayfield South strategic vision
Strategic Framework place type map  

To find out the categories of development and assessment (type of application required, if any) in the Morayfield South area, refer to Part 5 Tables of assessment for the relevant zone. Assessment benchmarks (requirements) for the development of the Emerging Community zoned areas can be found in Part 6 Zone codes, section Emerging community zone, Transition precinct. Assessment benchmarks for reconfiguring a lot in the area can be found in Part 9 Reconfiguring a lot code, relevant zone sections, for example section Emerging community zone, Transition precinct. Further information is available in the Emerging community zone information sheet.

Morayfield South is an expansion area that is to be considered in the Regional Growth Management Strategy currently being prepared. The strategy will develop evidence-based options that will ultimately outline the preferred sequencing strategy for the region’s future expansion areas.

Note: it is recognised that during preparation of the strategy landholders still have the right to submit development applications. Such applications will be assessed against the planning scheme in effect at the time.