Council working towards better housing and better neighbourhoods

Published 02 November 2022

Better housing

Council is responding to community calls for better housing and better neighbourhoods, with proposed changes to its planning rules submitted to the state government today for its initial review.

The proposed changes are in response to key resident concerns for our neighbourhoods to have:

  • lot sizes that can accommodate backyards for outdoor living
  • appropriate setbacks and site coverage to avoid overcrowded neighbourhoods and loss of privacy, sunlight and breezes
  • diverse types of housing in well-chosen locations that offer affordable lifestyles
  • more greenery like open areas, trees and landscaping, so neighbourhoods look and feel good
  • better parking requirements — to accommodate cars on-site and less on our streets.

Mayor, Peter Flannery, said the amendment aims to not only maintain current liveability standards but improve them for the future in the face of unprecedented growth.

“We have had a lot of feedback from the community about Council’s approach to planning, particularly how new housing developments are planned,” he said.

“The draft amendment we submitted today is in direct response to local calls for more room to live, more green space, more parking and more appealing streets.

 “We’re also acting on calls for planning to help with more affordable living by better supporting a mix of housing types closer to shopping and service centres, public transport, parks and local activities.

“Council has also listened to feedback about student accommodation and is acting to ensure future residences will be built with neighbouring properties in mind, with appropriate density, more open space and landscaping and sufficient car parking.

“The amendment proposes other changes to improve how future secondary dwellings are designed and located in our neighbourhoods. This will ensure we meet housing demands while reducing the impacts of overdevelopment on smaller lots and limited privacy and amenity to neighbours.

“As our region grows, it’s important we get the planning right, but the planning system is complex and can take time to navigate.

“The amendment focuses on policy responses to priority design and amenity issues that can be made in the short term.

“Our aim with the Better Housing Amendment is simply that – to provide better housing design outcomes for our growing population and with the value our community places on natural spaces for leisure, amenity and enjoyment in mind.

“The draft amendment has now been submitted to the state government for its initial review. This follows a lengthy statutory amendment process, set by state legislation. Following state government feedback, Council will share the draft amendment with our communities and key stakeholders for comment.”

At that time, Council will be calling for formal submissions during a 20-business day public consultation period. Having your say will help us work towards better housing and better neighbourhoods.

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