Advocacy Plan 2021-24


A blueprint for collaboration

The Moreton Bay region is projected to grow from currently 470,000 to 697,000 residents by 2041. Working together with the State and Federal Governments is critical if Council is to secure the infrastructure required to manage the region’s growth and preserve our residents’ quality of life.

The Advocacy Plan adopted by Council at the Community Council Meeting held in Samford on 15 September 2021 delivers a framework for a unified and consistent approach to the region’s advocacy. It is designed to create and foster an environment that will encourage collaboration and support positive regional outcomes.

The plan sets out Council’s advocacy agenda, highlighting key region-building projects and initiatives which need the collaborative support of industry and other levels of government to be realised.

Council’s advocacy alone is not enough, however. To be successful, we need the support of our residents and businesses. If you think you can play a role in supporting any of the priorities presented in this plan or have suggestions for major initiatives that are not currently listed, contact Council on

View the Advocacy Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Advocacy Plan updates

Council committed to reporting on its Advocacy Plan initiatives. The following summaries outline the progress we have made to date: