Tourism in the Moreton Bay region

Three tourists walking along a wooden boardwalk in a rainforest

Council has an ambitious plan to boost accommodation, experiences and value of tourism in the Moreton Bay region. The aim is to create a must-see Australian destination.

Many of the amazing places and natural spaces are yet to be marketed as tourism product. Additional tourist drawcards in the region will attract more intrastate, interstate and international visitors. It will also work towards our goal of keeping visitors in the region for longer and engaging with more local businesses.

The Tourism opportunity plan 2022-2027 sets out Council’s visitor economy vision. It has been developed to nurture and drive economic growth, sustainability and quality of life for Moreton Bay communities and businesses. The plan provides strategic direction to guide tourism and the opportunities it creates for the Moreton Bay region.

Read the Tourism opportunity plan(PDF, 2MB)

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism relates to tourism that considers the full impact across the economic, environmental and social spheres, that ensures the needs of residents, the industry, the environment and visitors are met and maintained. 

Recognising Moreton Bay as a sustainable destination

Our goal is to define a clear path for the Moreton Bay region to become a recognised sustainable destination. We will assess the capacity of the region as part of the emerging Green Economy. 

This will help ensure there is sustainable growth now and into the future. It will benefit residents, businesses, visitors, and the environment.

This is not about re-inventing the region’s tourism product. It is about enhancing what’s on offer and defining the local tourism industry as one based on sustainable practices. This will be through awareness, education, and pursuing green economic pathways within the region.

Council’s pathway toward sustainable tourism certification in 2024

The Sustainable Destinations program is designed to facilitate the region’s sustainable development as a tourism destination. It gives Council the opportunity to develop the capacity of tourism businesses across the region to operate more sustainably, reducing the overall footprint of tourism in the Moreton Bay region.

Our progress to date

The first column lists dates. The second column provides detail of progress.

 Date  Our progress to date
30 June 2023  We have established collaborative internal and external Green teams.
19 October 2023  Endorse a Sustainable Tourism Vision and Principles for the region.
1 December 2023 Collect region-wide data and captured Moreton Bay region's footprint.

Council's goals moving forward

The first column lists dates. The second column provides details of proposed actions moving forward.

 Date Council's goals moving forward
15 December 2023 Assess the risks of the region for industry, the environment and the community.
15 March 2024 Establish key actions to support industry and manage identified risks.
11 April 2024 We aim to pass certification assessment (on-site audit).
30 June 2024 Our goal is to achieve Certified Silver Status.

Sustainable Tourism Statement - Vision and principles for the Moreton Bay region

City of Moreton Bay invites all stakeholders to provide their feedback on the Sustainable tourism statement. It sets out the vision and ideals for sustainable growth in our region with a particular focus on how the tourism industry can be facilitated to promote sustainable principles and practices.

Read the Sustainable tourism statement(PDF, 233KB).

Get involved 

If you are a tourism operator or business seeking further information or support, reach out to Are you interested in being involved in the program, key sustainable events and/or workshops? Email us to understand how you can be part of shaping sustainable tourism in the Moreton Bay region.