Regional Growth Management Strategy 2041

Moreton Bay Region is one of Australia’s fastest growing regions. Our regional population is forecast to grow from 459,600 to approximately 690,000 by 2041. That means an additional 240,000 residents over the next 25 years. It is anticipated that by 2031, the Moreton Bay Region will have a larger population than Tasmania.

In accordance with the State Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017, Moreton Bay Region is required to deliver an additional 88,300 dwellings by this time.

It is essential council plans for this population growth and the demands on infrastructure, and considers the form of development and long-term sustainability of our region.

Accordingly, council has resolved to prepare a Regional Growth Management Strategy 2041 (RGMS2041). This strategy will guide:

  • planning and development outcomes for the region’s future expansion areas
  • a sequence of planning and development for these future expansion areas
  • specific infrastructure outcomes and networks
  • where possible, responses to specific key issues.

Community and stakeholder engagement will play an important role in shaping this strategy and regular updates and opportunities for feedback will be provided to ensure open discussion and engagement between council, industry and the community.

Download the strategy summary(PDF, 6MB)

Development of the Strategy

The Regional Growth Management Strategy 2041 will focus on 12 identified expansion areas. The strategy will be developed across four phases, and is expected to be finalised by the end of 2021.

Phase 1 (Confirming trends and planning assumptions)

This phase will identify, analyse and confirm current knowledge, key policy considerations and involve a series of coordinated investigations.

Phase 2 (Draft Regional Growth Management Strategy 2041)

This phase will draw together the findings and analysis of Phase 1 and other inputs to prepare a draft strategy. This will include both policy development processes and testing and scenario development to inform the strategy’s growth sequence. Financial analysis will also be undertaken through scenario testing to determine a preferred growth sequence. This phase will also include targeted community and stakeholder engagement.

Phase 3 (Community and Stakeholder Engagement)

This phase will set out a program of community and stakeholder engagement on the draft strategy. This phase will also include the assessment of submissions and feedback.

Phase 4 (Finalisation and Implementation)

This phase will see consideration of feedback from Phase 3, and finalisation of the strategy. Council will then undertake comprehensive implementation planning to integrate into standard council plans, policies and processes.  The finalised strategy will be presented to Council for consideration and adoption.

Future expansion areas

Council has identified the following future expansion areas which are either recognised by the State Government in ShapingSEQ and planned for in the MBRC Planning Scheme, or are coming under pressure to be developed for further residential development.

Emerging Community Areas

Areas included in the Emerging community zone under the current MBRC Planning Scheme:

  • Caboolture West
  • Morayfield South
  • Narangba East
  • Burpengary East
  • Joyner (South)

Investigation Areas

Areas identified as investigation areas in the Strategic Framework in the current MBRC Planning Scheme:

  • Warner
  • Wamuran
  • Pine Valley
  • Elimbah North

Other/Conversion Areas

Areas identified for non-residential purposes in the current MBRC Planning Scheme, with landowner interest to change the land use to primarily residential:

  • Elimbah East
  • North East Business Park (Mixed Industry and Business Area (MIBA))
  • North Harbour (Marina)

While the Regional Growth Management Strategy 2041 is being developed, Council recognises development applications will continue to be made. These applications will continue to be assessed against the planning scheme in effect at the time.

Council also acknowledges that there are other areas within the region which could attract developer interest for residential purposes. However these are not dealt with under this strategy.

Caboolture West Growth Area

In addition to preparing the RGMS2041, council will recommence land use and infrastructure planning for Caboolture West. The planning for Caboolture West will run in parallel and independent of the RGMS2041. This decision reflects the level of planning undertaken to date in Caboolture West and the significance of the area as reflected in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 (ShapingSEQ) and the MBRC Planning Scheme 2016.