Notice of injury, loss or damage

Notice of injury or damage to private property

If you have experienced an injury or damage to personal property which you believe was a direct result of the City of Moreton Bay’s negligence, you may wish to lodge a compensation claim for further consideration.

For Council to consider a claim, you must provide evidence substantiating your loss, including information and/or evidence that Council has breached a duty to take precautions against a risk of harm, and is therefore liable, under the Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld). Note that whilst the City of Moreton Bay may own or maintain the land or asset where an incident allegedly occurred, it is not an automatic admission of liability.

Report the hazard

It is important to make a report to ensure any hazard associated with your claim is brought to the attention of Council. If the hazard that is alleged to have caused or contributed to your incident still poses a risk and requires action, please report the hazard online or for urgent issues, phone (07) 3205 0555 or 1300 477 161. For other contact options, visit the contact us page.

Storm or weather events

If damage to private property or personal injury has occurred as a direct result of a storm or weather event, Council may not be liable for this damage. A storm or weather event is considered an ‘act of nature’.

Claiming through your insurance

You may lodge a claim with your own insurance company, and if they consider Council to be liable, they may seek compensation from Council directly.

Responsible entity

Council may not be the responsible entity in relation to your claim. If, after reviewing your submission, Council has identified that your claim relates to a Council contractor, we will refer your claim to our contractor. By submitting a completed claim form, you consent to the disclosure of the details, including your personal information, provided on your claim form and any other information that is obtained by Council in respect of the claim, to our contractors. Council will advise you if this has happened and will provide you with the contractor’s contact details. The contractor will contact you directly in relation to your claim.

If your claim relates to another entity, such as Unitywater, Energex, Queensland Transport and Main Roads, we will advise you in writing to contact them directly as Council is not able to assess a claim where Council is not the responsible entity.

Council's claims process

Council endeavours to assess claims in a timely manner. Note the following steps in the claim process:

  • Acknowledgement letter - Council will send an acknowledgement letter via email within 10 working days of receipt of your claim. 
  • Claim investigation stage - If you have not provided sufficient information to substantiate your claim, Council may request further information from you. If Council receives no response from you within 30 days, this will result in the claim being closed and no further action will be taken by Council. A new claim will be required to recommence the claim process. This will need to include the relevant information previously submitted and any additional information requested by Council. 
  • Claim outcome letter - Council will respond to your claim in writing advising you of the outcome of the investigation and its final decision on your matter. Council's letter will also advise you of your review rights should you be dissatisfied with Council's decision.

Before you make a claim

An Information Notice is attached to each of Council’s claim forms. This will provide you with an understanding of Council’s claims process, your responsibility to provide evidence to substantiate your claim and other important information for your consideration.

Council recommends you read the Information Notice carefully to ensure that you are fully aware of your obligations with respect to Council’s claims process.

Mowing activities - private property damage

Use the Mowing damage claim form(PDF, 668KB) if your claim is in relation to damage as a result of mowing activities by Council or Council’s mowing contractors.

Private property damage

Use the Private property damage claim form(PDF, 657KB) if your claim is in relation to damage to physical property such as motor vehicle (or part/s thereof), fence, driveway or such.

Personal injury claim

Use the Personal injury claim form(PDF, 670KB) if your claim is in relation to personal injury sustained by yourself, or another person to whom you are a legal guardian or personal representative.

Legal advice

The information on this page is not intended as legal advice. Please seek independent legal advice for your unique situation.