Engineering product approval

From time to time, new products are developed that may benefit Council’s practices. Third party suppliers, vendors or manufacturers of engineering products can provide information to Council to consider their products that could:

  • improve efficiency
  • decrease life cycle cost
  • provide solutions to recurrent problems

To submit a product to Council for consideration, complete an Application to introduce a new product to Council(PDF, 814KB) with requested documentation.

Each quarter, a panel assesses all products to determine its suitability. The panel may request more information, trials or samples.

If approved, products are added to the Product Approval list, subject to conditions:

  • Inclusion on this list does not constitute Council endorsement or guarantee to purchase or procure the product
  • The applicant cannot use the Product Approval list in any marketing materials
  • Council retains sole discretion for application of the product; whether for construction, maintenance or development works.
  • Council will not enter into further discussions for any products not selected.