Water pollution

Water is an essential natural resource and is critical to the health of the natural environment. This is particularly true in Australia, the world’s driest continent. Preventing water pollution improves water quality and helps to underpin healthy natural ecosystems.

In the urban environment, our roadside gutters and drains feed stormwater to our creeks, rivers, and our into Moreton Bay. We all need to play our part in ensuring that contaminants which could be harmful to aquatic organisms do not enter the stormwater system.

In Queensland, the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 contains a list of prescribed water contaminants. It is an offence to deposit a prescribed water contaminant in roadside gutters, stormwater drainage, or in our creeks and rivers.

Prescribed water contaminants include substances such as oil, paint, pesticides, sediment, sewage and wastewater from cleaning.

To report water pollution, contact Council.

Fish kills

A fish kill event involves the death of multiple fish over a short period of time in a localised geographical area.  Fish kills may be caused by water pollution, or by natural events such as hot or cold weather, or sudden changes in water temperature.  Council investigates fish kills and undertakes the removal of dead fish where appropriate.

To report a fish kill, contact Council.