Signs (except election signs)

City of Moreton Bay appreciates signs are fundamental to informing the community of services and events in the local area and encourage visitors to come and experience all the city has to offer. However, signs also have the potential to impact public safety, road safety and amenity if not appropriately managed.

Council regulates the installation and display of signs to avoid, where possible, or minimise any risk to public health and safety, road safety and the environment, and to maintain the purpose and amenity of our public spaces.

A regulated sign means a sign that is located on public or private land and is designed to advertise to the public or attract public attention. 

Except for election signs, and self-assessable signs, a signs local law approval may be required for the installation of:

  • a temporary advertising device on public land
  • a temporary advertising device on private land
  • a permanent advertising device on public land. 

You will need to submit an application and all supporting documentation at least 30 business days before you need to install your sign. This allows time to review your submission, request any further information, conduct a final assessment and make a decision.   

Is my sign temporary or permanent?

What is a temporary sign?

A temporary sign means it can be readily removed or relocated. For example, it is on wheels, can easily be pulled out of the ground inclusive of a stake if applicable. A sign can also be removed if it is only attached via a string, tape or zip tie.

A sign could also be readily removed or relocated if it is only placed on, and not attached to property, land or road. An example of this is an A-frame sign.

Temporary signs on public land require a Signs Local Law approval, unless they are self-assessable.

What is a permanent sign? 

A permanent sign is defined to mean:

1. a sign installed and displayed on public or private land in a manner that constitutes development; or
2. a sign installed and displayed on public land in a manner that cannot be readily removed or relocated.

A permanent sign means it cannot be readily removed or relocated. For example, it needs to be unscrewed, dug out of the ground or deconstructed to be moved. It would also not be readily removed or relocated if it is welded, concreted or mounted on land or road. 

Permanent signs on public land require an Alteration of public land approval.

What if my sign is permanent and on private land?

The local government’s Planning Scheme regulates the installation of permanent signs on private land. Signs regulated by the MBRC Planning Scheme will not require approval provided they meet the relevant requirements for accepted development as outlined in the Advertising devices code (section 9.4.4) for size, design and location.

Where the sign does not meet the requirements for accepted development, contact Council on (07) 3205 0555

Review Councils website MBRC Planning Scheme - Advertising devices for more information. 

Is my sign self-assessable or licensable under local law?

Signs are either self-assessable or will require local law approval.

Self-assessable signs can be displayed without Council approval, provided the sign complies with the type, location and minimum conditions outlined in the Signs Local Law 2023

If your sign is not listed as a self-assessable sign, or it is listed but you cannot satisfy the relevant minimum conditions a Signs local law approval is required.

Will I need building approval?

Building approval may be required for signs that are:

  • free stand and are over 2m in height from ground level
  • free stand and are greater than 1.2m in width
  • form a separate structure when attached to an existing building or structure.

All building work is assessed against the building assessment provisions (including, but not limited to, the National Construction Code and the Queensland Development Code) which set the minimum requirements for building structures, fire safety, access and egress, health and amenity, and energy efficiency.

You can self-assess the proposed work against Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of the Building Regulation 2006. Otherwise to find out if you will require building approval or to obtain a building permit, you will need to engage a building certifier who will determine whether the proposed building work complies with the Building Act 1975 and associated standards.

What if my sign is an election sign?

Requirements for election signs are set out in Local Law No 8 (Election Signs) 2019 and Subordinate Local Law No 8 (Election Signs) 2019. Refer to Council's webpage about Election signs for more detailed information.

How to apply

Step 1.Prepare a site plan

Prepare a site plan that includes dimensions, locations, materials and how the sign will be supported using the Advertising signs site plan template(DOCX, 27KB).

Step 2.Complete a risk management plan

Complete the Risk management plan template(DOCX, 927KB).

Step 3.Take out public liability insurance

Evidence of a current public liability insurance policy to the value of $20,000,000 in the same name as the applicant should be provided with your application.

Step 4.Collect supporting documents

The following supporting documents will need to be submitted with your application

  • details of any illumination, animation, moving parts, reflective material or third-party advertising that the proposed sign will contain 
  • for mobile signage, registration details of any vehicle that will be used to display the sign
  • if the proposed advertising device is to be located on land, structures or infrastructure that the applicant does not own (other than land, structures or infrastructure owned or controlled by Council), please provide the owner’s written consent to the installation
  • any other relevant government licences, registrations or approvals.

Step 5.Review the conditions

Make sure you review and understand the conditions for temporary signs(PDF, 419KB). Specific conditions may be added after your application has been assessed.

Step 6.Review fees and charges

In accordance with Council’s fees and charges, an application fee of T1205 is payable at the time of application 

Annual commercial license fees for signs on Public land and roads apply:

  • T1198 - 5 metres squared or less or
  • T1199 - 5 metres squared to 10 metres squared or
  • T1200 - 10 metres squared to 18 metres squared or
  • T1201 - greater than 18 metres squared.

This fee is charged on a pro rata monthly basis to 30 September.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations are exempt from paying fees if evidence is provided. 

Step 7.Submit an application form

Complete the Temporary signs application(PDF, 783KB) along with supporting documentation using any of the below options:

The applicant for an approval must be a legal entity, such as an individual, company, incorporated body, unincorporated body, partnership, body corporate or trustee.