Election signs

Council regulates the display of certain advertising devices on public and private land via its Local Laws. This includes election signage.

Local Law 8 - Election signs(PDF, 277KB) regulates the number, size, location and timing of election signs displayed in the Moreton Bay Region.

What is an election sign?

An election sign is generally a temporary corflute sign or poster that is able, or is intended, to:

  • influence a person about voting at a government election or referendum; or
  • affect the result of any government election or referendum.

When can election signs be displayed?

You can display an election sign for up to six weeks prior to the polling day for the election and for up to one week after the polling day for the election.

How many election signs can be displayed?

The maximum number of election signs that may be displayed at any one time is set out in the following table:

Who does the sign promote?  Max signs 
Division 1-10 local government candidate 60 
Division 11-12 local government candidate 120 
State government candidate  120 
Federal government candidate  200 
Mayoral candidate  300

What size can election signs be?

Election signs displayed on public land must be 600mm x 900mm. Election signs displayed on private land must either be 600mm x 900mm high or 900mm x 1200mm.

Where can’t election signs be displayed?

Election signs must not be displayed within:

  • 3 metres of a road with a speed limit of 80km/h or less; or
  • 6 metres of a road with a speed limit of more than 80km/h.

Election signs must not be displayed within 20 metres of:

  • roundabouts;
  • school zones;
  • cross-intersections and T-intersections;
  • railway level crossings;
  • pedestrian crossings;
  • traffic signs requiring a driver to stop, give way, change speed, change direction or change lane; and
  • bus stops.

For information on how to calculate this 20-metre distance, see the election signs fact sheet(PDF, 684KB).

More information

See the election signs fact sheet(PDF, 684KB) for more detail on the requirements for placement of election signage, exceptions and enforcement.