Cemeteries Local Law 2023

Published 08 December 2023

Notice of Making Cemeteries Local Law 2023 and Cemeteries Subordinate Local Law 2023

  1. Moreton Bay City Council (Council) has, by resolution dated 8 November 2023, made—
    1. Cemeteries Local Law 2023 (Local Law); and
    2. Cemeteries Subordinate Local Law 2023 (Subordinate Local Law).
  2. The Local Law authorises the making of the Subordinate Local Law.
  3. The purpose and general effect of the Local Law and the Subordinate Local Law is to provide a regulatory framework for the operation of cemeteries and burials outside of a cemetery in the local government area, the burials and disturbance of human remains in a Council cemetery and installing memorials in a Council cemetery.
  4. The Local Law contains an anti-competitive provision.
  5. A copy of the Local Law and Subordinate Local Law may be—
    1. inspected and purchased at Council’s public office; and
    2. viewed by the public on the website of the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.
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