Light nuisance

Council investigates complaints about lights which impact on neighbouring properties by causing excessive illumination, glare or light spillage.  Complaints are investigated under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.  Council's investigation will consider all aspects of the light, including its intensity, time of operation, duration and the impact on the neighbouring properties.

When lights are considered to cause an unlawful environmental nuisance, a Direction Notice may be issued which requires the property owner to address the light issue.

There are various ways in which the impact of lighting can be reduced, such as:

  • Turning off lights when not in use or required for security purposes.
  • Locating lights as far as possible from neighbours and away from sensitive areas, such as bedroom windows.
  • Using site features to hide the lights from the view of neighbours.
  • Wherever possible, directing lights downwards to illuminate the target area. If there is no alternative to up-lighting, try shields or baffles to keep spill light to a minimum.
  • Reducing the power rating of the bulb to avoid over-lighting.
  • Keep glare to a minimum. Ensure the main light beam is kept below 70 degrees from horizontal.

To make a complaint about nuisance lighting, contact Council.