Ordering wheelie bins

Council provides a weekly general waste and fortnightly recycling collection to properties located within our service area.

As Council’s bin collection service forms part of the rates charges for the property(PDF, 13MB),(PDF, 13MB) new bin services, alteration of bin sizes or ordering of additional bins can only be requested by:

  • Property owners
  • Property managing agents.

Commercial premises requiring a new bin collection service or alterations to current bins must complete the Commercial - General waste and recycling bin collection application(PDF, 337KB).

If ordering new, additional or different sized bins for a multi residential property, contact Council to discuss your bin service.

Council will repair or replace damaged or stolen bins at no cost to the resident, find out about ordering a replacement.

New bin service

If you are moving into your newly built residential property, check if you have a wheelie bin collection service available at your address.

There is a choice of bin size for both general waste and recycling bins:

Bin sizes
General waste Recycling Dimensions 
140 litre 140 litre
  • height: 927 millimetres
  • width: 438 millimetres.
240 litre 240 litre
  • height: 1072 millimetres
  • width: 582 millimetres.
  360 litre 
  • height: 1116 millimetres
  • width: 669 millimetres.

Things to consider before ordering your bins:

  • Bins will only be delivered to occupied properties
  • Bins can be ordered for delivery within two working days or up to 3 weeks in advance.
  • Bins are delivered to a location outside your property, where they should be placed on collection days. They must be stored in a safe location within the property boundaries as soon as possible following delivery.
  • Waste collection trucks must be able to easily access wheelie bins. Contact Council if access to your property is restricted as a member of Council's waste services team and the waste contractor will assess your request. 
  • Multi-residential and multi-residential with commercial will have their bin services determined during Development Application stage. Contact council to discuss bin collection services.
  • If a collection service is unable to be provided, household waste and recyclables should be taken to your local transfer station. Council will only charge the minimum waste management utility charge applicable to your property if a waste collection service is not possible. 

Order your household wheelie bins

Change of bin size

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade an existing waste service, refer to change your bin service.

Order additional bins

Additional general waste or recycling bins can be ordered and will be charged to the property rates(PDF, 13MB).

Additional bins will be delivered within two working days to the usual bin collection area. They must be stored in a safe location within the property boundaries as soon as possible following delivery.

To request additional bins:

  • Click request button and sign in to MBRC Online Services (Instructions)
  • Go to 'Enquiries'
  • Find 'Waste - Request for Service' and click 'Start' to begin the process.

Request additional bins

Waste collection vehicle access and maneuverability

The following requirements apply for kerbside wheelie bin collection:

  • There must be sufficient space for servicing of all bins without impacting pedestrian movement along the footpath or driver sight-lines at vehicle crossover points onto a property.
  • The bin collection area must be free of obstructions, so the driver of the collection vehicle does not have to get out of the vehicle.
  • There is a minimum space of one metre between bins.
  • The bin collection area is not within or adjacent to intersections, roundabouts, traffic calming devices and bus stops.
  • The bin collection area is not on a driveway or in front of any other property.

Contact Council if waste collection vehicles are required to enter a property to service the bins. A member of Council's waste services team and the waste contractor will need to assess your request.

If you live on a no-through road, cul-de-sac or in a new staged subdivision or multi-residential property, turnaround facilities should be provided for the safe manoeuvring of waste collection vehicles. If reversing is required, vehicles are expected not to reverse more than 10 metres where possible for safety reasons. Residents are requested not to park within or near designated turnaround facilities to ensure clear access.

Bins for events

Events in parks, beaches, shopping precincts and local public spaces put extra demand on Council's public general waste and recycling bins.

As the event organiser, you may need to provide additional bins.

Follow the guidelines below to reduce waste and increase recycling at your event, especially near coastal and waterway locations:

  • require stallholders to avoid plastic straws and use alternative beverage containers or paper straws (Council implemented plastic straw free venues and events in 2018)
  • require stallholders and vendors to use recyclable or organic biodegradable materials to package take away food or other products
  • prevent use of polystyrene, soft plastic bags, wrappers or film
  • avoid items that are individually wrapped in plastic bags, including promotional merchandise
  • ensure general waste and recycling bins are side by side with general waste bin closest to food vendors
  • never place a recycling bin on its own as it will become contaminated
  • promote responsible recycling at your event through programs, staff, stallholders and entertainers.

Request bins for your event

  • Sign in to MBRC Online Services (Instructions)
  • Go to 'Enquiries'
  • Find 'Waste - Request for Service' and click 'Start' to begin the process.

Request bins