Help with my bin service

As part of the bin collection service, residents are required to:

  • place bins out for collection before 6:00 AM on collection day.
  • return bins to their property as soon as practical after collection. Fines may apply if you do not have an acceptable reason for not returning your bins to your property.
  • ensure bins are kept clean, tidy and free of any graffiti.
  • report damaged, stolen, broken and unserviceable bins for replacement.

Find out when your bins are collected

Missed bin collection

Waste collections occur anytime between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM on the day of service. A service is not considered 'missed' until after 6:00 PM. You can place your bins out the night before collection days (i.e Tuesday night for Wednesday collections). Collections occur as scheduled on public holidays.

Waste collection vehicles may be delayed by road closures or traffic congestion, mechanical fault, etc. Do not rely on a set collection time for your address.

Reasons why your bin may have been missed include:

  • bin overfull
  • may be too heavy
  • contamination with unaccepted items.

A bin sticker will be placed on a bin that has not been accepted for collection. If an item in your bin has been listed on the sticker, remove the item from your bin before requesting a missed bin service and search where to recycle or dispose.

If your bin was not emptied as scheduled:

  1. Put the bin in the usual bin collection area (e.g. kerbside), contractors cannot service the bin if it is located on private property.
  2. Report your missed bin by lodging a request or downloading the Snap Send Solve app. Missed bins must be reported within two working days following the day of service. Bins reported outside this timeframe may incur a late collection fee.
  3. Leave the bin out until it is serviced. This will occur within, and up to, a maximum of 3 business days following the day of lodgement.
  4. You can continue to use the bin while it is waiting for service.

Damaged or stolen bins

Council will repair or replace damaged or stolen wheelie bins at no cost to the resident. The property owner, managing agent or resident may request that broken wheelie bin parts be repaired or a stolen bin replaced.

To report damaged or stolen bin/s:

  1. Put the bin in the usual bin collection area (e.g. kerbside), contractors cannot service the bin if it is located on private property.
  2. Lodge a request to have your bin repaired or replaced.
  3. Leave the bin out until it is repaired or replaced.
  4. Continue to use the bin while it is waiting for repair or replacement, however, please ensure all waste in the bin is bagged and disposal is kept to a minimum.

Bins are generally repaired or replaced within three working days of the request. Replacement lid and/or wheels of a bin may be replaced with hygienically cleaned second-hand items (e.g. a secondhand green lid and not a brand new red lid).

Additional services

Council can provide temporary additional collection services for existing bins or a temporary additional bin if required. 

  • Additional collections of existing bins can be arranged either as a one-off service or for a specified period.
  • An additional bin can be provided on request for a specified period of time.

Additional bins will be delivered within three working days of the request, emptied on the usual day of collection with your existing bins and then removed after the requested time period finishes.

To request additional service:

  • Click request button and sign in to MBRC Online Services (Instructions)
  • Go to 'Enquiries'
  • Find 'Waste - Request for Service' and click 'Start' to begin the process
  • Fees will apply and payment is required at the time the request is made.

Note: Bins cannot be serviced or delivered on the same or next day from the date of your request or on weekends. Please select a date that is a minimum of two business days after the date of lodgement. 

Request additional service

Infirmed collection

Council provides bin collection assistance to infirmed residents with significant mobility issues where no other able-bodied person lives at the address and it is safe for the waste collection contractor to do so.

Complete the Infirmed collection application(PDF, 623KB) to apply for bin collection assistance.

Waste collection vehicle noise

Council’s major waste collection activities such as kerbside wheelie bin and bulk bin collections generally occur between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM on weekdays only. Limited exceptions may be required due to special events, road works or construction activities.

Servicing of public place bins and street litter collections are conducted every day and generally occur between 5:00 AM and 5:00 PM to ensure public spaces are cleansed and available for public use.

Noise nuisance from waste collection activities is balanced with the necessity for waste collection at a time and in a way that minimises risks to public safety, vehicle and pedestrian safety, on street parking, traffic laws and congestion, workplace health and safety of drivers, collection scheduling, fatigue management and national heavy vehicle law requirements.