Community leasing improvement works application

Online applications are to be lodged via eServices. Review the Community leasing - improvement works online application user guide(PDF, 662KB)

Making application

Gather required information

  • Site Plan - Site plan can be hand-drawn and should identify all existing structures and the location of the proposed works. The site plan should also identify any site boundaries, trees, vegetation or water courses located in the vicinity of the works.
  • Quotation for works.
  • Plans of the proposed works - Plans will need to be included for the proposal and should include such details (where applicable) as dimensions, materials, colours, water / sewer / electrical infrastructure, floor plans, make / model, slab / footings design, elevations, etc.
  • A copy of your organisation's certificate of currency for public liability insurance.
  • For sub-tenants and co-tenants - A letter of support for your proposed project from the Lessee or co-tenant
  • Council's online application may request additional information depending on the type of works proposed.
  • Your organisation's eServices username and password. If you are not already registered, complete the registration form

Submit application

Apply now


  • eServices will time out after 20 minutes of being idle
  • all mandatory fields must be completed before selecting "Next" to save and proceed to the next stage
  • all applications must be completed within 21 days
  • retrieve incomplete applications by signing into eServices and continuing an incomplete application
  • an online reference number will be displayed on screen and a confirmation email will be sent to the organisation's registered address.