Bunya waste management facility

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Operating hours

Open 7 days, including public holidays.

  • October to March: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • April to September: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Christmas Day: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM (except where Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday)

Customers are required to have left transfer station by closure time. If you are arriving close to closure time entry may be refused.

Plan your visit

Speed up your visit by avoiding peak times. The graph below provides an indication of user trends and historically busy periods. More tips for reducing your time on site.


  • 0-39 vehicles
  • 40-59 vehicles
  • 60-99 vehicles
  • 100+ vehicles

The following live video gives an indication of the current queue length and will be available during facility operating hours. The image is streamed only, and no image or personal information is recorded by Council.

Mulch availability


Payment options

  • Cash
  • Credit card

Usage requirements

Legislation requires residents using Council's major waste facilities to:

  • have their registration recorded
  • show proof (photo ID) of residency within the Moreton Bay Region
  • declare the type or types of waste being delivered
  • verify the nature of the waste (domestic or commercial)
  • be weighed upon entry and exit
  • enter and be weighed at a weighbridge site, more than once if disposing of multiple types of waste
  • For deliveries of Fill, soil and sand (clean) from domestic customers (MBRC residents and nonresidents), the customer must advise the full address of the property where the soil came from
  • For deliveries of Fill, soil and sand (clean) from commercial customers greater than 10 m3, this must be pre-arranged with Council, the customer must advise the full address of the source location. For soil removed from a property the customer is to also provide the lot and plan number where the soil came from. For infrastructure projects where source location is a road reserve or waterway, a location address is to be provided (for example the road works location)
  • Council does not accept contaminated soil or Fill, soil and sand from a property listed on the Contaminated Land Register (CLR) and Environmental Management Register (EMR). These registers are public registers which contain information about contaminated land in Queensland
  • Fill, soil and sand (clean) is a fire ant carrier material. Be fire ant aware when moving material that may carry fire ants to a waste facility

Accepted waste

The following types of waste are accepted at Bunya waste management facility. Select an item for conditions and restrictions. For options of where to dispose of something not on the list search where to dispose or recycle.