Plastic - bottles and containers

Plastic Bottles

Moulded, rigid plastic containers used for household food, beverages, personal care and cleaning products, including fruit punnets, biscuit trays and most prepackaged meat, fruit and vegetables, are accepted for recycling. A recycling triangle does not necessarily indicate that the product can be recycled by Council.

Containers should be emptied of their contents. Loose small plastic lids can not be sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), so replace the lid on the container. Large plastic lids the size of the palm of your hand or larger can be sorted and can go in the recycling bin separately.

Plastic containers used for machine oil, fuel and hazardous chemicals are not accepted in the recycling bin as these need to be separated from containers used for contents fit for human consumption.

Disposal / recycling options

Business or community recycling programs

Many drink containers are eligible for a refund at participating outlets through the Containers for Change refund scheme.

Wheelie bins

  • Recycling bin

Waste facilities