Wheels and tyres


This includes tyres from cars, motorbikes and other residential vehicles. Some tyre service centres can recycle your tyres when you buy new ones. Ask when you book your vehicle in for a service.

Eligible residents can dispose of four free tyres/wheels per financial year.

Charges apply after exceeding limits as per the Disposal of Waste Free of Charge Policy. Refer to fees and minimum charges for further information.

Disposal / recycling options

Wheelie bins

These items cannot be disposed of in your wheelie bins.

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

  • Free domestic disposal is limited to four tyres per financial year, less than 1.2 m outside diameter (includes 4WDs).
  • For commercial customers, no more than 10 tyres are accepted per financial year.
  • Applicable at approved sites. A minimum fee applies.
  • Waste Tracking Certificates are required for commercial operators transporting tyres and/or all other customers transporting more than 250kg non-commercially.  Waste Tracking Certificates (T140) are to be presented to the weighbridge upon entering our facilities.
  • If transporting more than 250kg of regulated waste, an environmental authority for regulated waste transport may be required.
  • All loads of tyres must be weighed upon entrance to site/s. Weighbridge staff will advise residents if payment is required.