Timber - treated

Treated timber planks

Treated timber includes timber treated with pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and chemicals, manufactured timber products and timber that has been coated with paint, polyurethanes, laminates, glues, shellac, lacquer, varnish, stains, and oils.

The following timber or wood types will be charged as treated timber:

  • wood composites
  • laminated wood products
  • fibre boards
  • chipboard
  • particle board
  • plywood
  • painted or coated timber
  • timber fencing
  • pallets
  • timber containing glues and preservatives.

Disposal / recycling options

Wheelie bins

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

  • Fees apply for domestic and commercial customers disposing of treated timber. 
  • Sawdust, timber shavings and other difficult to contain materials that require special burial are charged as lightweight waste.
  • Disposal of all domestic lightweight waste materials making up more than 75 percent load by volume will incur a fee.
  • Sawdust and timber shavings and other lightweight waste are accepted at approved sites only and are not accepted at Redcliffe Transfer Station.