Clothing and textiles

Pile of clothing

Includes clothing, fabric and other textile goods. 

Clothing in good condition can be reused by selling, donated to a charity or gifted to family, friend or neighbour.

'Fast fashion' is not made to endure multiple wearing and washing over the years. It may be cheaper initially, but will it stand the test of time. Good quality clothing can save you money over a number of years, and still be in good condition to sell or gift as a pre-loved item.

Disposal / recycling options

Charities and Treasure Markets

If in working order, items may be accepted at local charities. Materials may be salvaged from waste facilities for recycling via Council Treasure Markets.

Wheelie bins

  • General waste bin

Waste facilities

Notes and conditions

Clothing sold through charities and Council Treasure Markets must comply with Australian standards and have the labels intact for size, materials used, laundering instructions, and any appropriate warnings or hazards. Baby and toddler clothes will not be sold through Council Treasure Markets.