Waste facility conditions of entry

All persons and vehicles entering this site must comply with the following conditions at all times:

  • Follow all signage and directions given by authorised personnel.
  • Show required identification upon entering the site.
  • Obey traffic rules including speed limits and signs at all times.
  • All vehicles must give way to site machinery.
  • Enclosed footwear must be worn onsite at all times.
  • Only dispose of authorised loads and material in permitted locations as per site signs and staff instruction. Reloading management fees may apply for waste disposed in the incorrect location.
  • Children must remain inside vehicles at all times.
  • No animals or pets allowed onsite.
  • Smoking, vaping or consumption of alcohol onsite is prohibited.
  • Offensive and abusive language and/or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Lighting of fires, unlawful entry and scavenging is prohibited and will be reported.
  • Material must be transported in and out of the facility in an accepted vehicle.
  • Individuals enter the site at their own risk.
  • Additional conditions apply as set out on Council's website and site sign.

Before visiting Council waste facilities search where to recycle or dispose to confirm what waste or recyclables are accepted and if load limits apply.

Identification requirements

Council allows eligible residents, ratepayers, community groups, sporting, and charity organisations to dispose of limited amounts of waste free of charge per financial year upon presentation of required identification.

Required identification includes:

  • Driver’s licence or some form of photo identification proving residency within City of Moreton Bay
  • Suitable photo identification in conjunction with a utility bill such as electricity, telephone or internet identifying that they are a resident of Moreton Bay. Rate notices and water bills are not accepted.

All forms of identification must be original as issued. Queensland digital licence is accepted and must be presented by the app. Photocopies, certified copies, digital or electronic versions are not accepted. All accepted forms of identification must be current.

Expired drivers licence is not accepted as proof of residential address but will be acceptable as proof of identity only, if it expired less than two years ago.

For further details about free waste disposal including waste types, limits and requirements, view Free domestic waste disposal for residents.